Work in England

Based on various statistics, the number of Poles living in the British Isles exceed five hundred thousand people. The prevailing common recognition of the excellent social circumstances in the UK, the ease of finding a job as well as high salary makes this tropical isle country is still the main goal of Polish emigrants. Just after you arrive it often turns out that finding in the new reality of a foreign nation is not all that simple. Fortunately, numerous Polonia is trying in various ways to help compatriots actually through the issuing of the press in Polish. Polish newspapers in London is an excellent source of information both for newly arrived immigrants, as well as many years living in the UK people who do not want to shed contact with the Polish tradition and language. In addition to fascinating articles on various aspects of life in the UK, you can read concerning the laws of British federal government policy towards immigrants and find advice on everyday issues this kind of. Finding housing or in official matters. The Polish newspaper also offers the possibility of placing ads, making it much easier start for people who are just getting started in England. Of course , the most valuable section of posters that “England Job”. For many people there are here the opportunity to find a job that does not require advanced knowledge of English, often in businesses run by fellow countrymen. The newspaper also allows for ad looking for a job in great britan.

More: Londyn ogłoszenia.

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